BoX2 series

Clever connectivity. Smarter functions.

Your data is the key to preventing down-time, mal-operation, excessive power consumption and other issues that may occur. Use this crucial information and turn it into insights, optimize operations and plan for maintenance.

BoX2 solves the challenge of finding smart ways to access data and bridges the gap between the worlds of industrial automation and IT. It makes information from a deep industrial level easily accessible in a structured cloud-based data environment. BoX2 facilitates data exchange, and transfers data securely to the cloud for remote access and analysis. BoX2 allows you to create mobile solutions and add local control on the edge of the cloud to perform corrective measures on a machine.

BoX2 is a series of protocol converters, IIoT gateways and edge controllers that combine clever connectivity with smart functions such as local data base storage, alarm servers, data exchange, reporting, C# scripting, etc. BoX2 is easily configured with just a few clicks in WARP Engineering Studio. Smart functions are configured via iX software.

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Typical use cases

Here you will find the most common use cases and scenarios for BoX2. For each use case you will find the corresponding technical answer and the related features, including a list of the BoX2 products supporting the actual case.


Bring your production up to speed

Think. What if machines in your facility could communicate effectively together in smart ways to maximize efficiency and optimize operations?

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When your data is playing hide and seek

Think. What if you could access crucial data hidden deep in your facility from the cloud and turn it into insights?

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Mobility for peace of mind

Think. What if you could keep up with the status of your plant without being tied to a work station or a production line?

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Control everything from one device

Think. What if you could control every aspect of your machine operation from a single device?

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BoX2 is available in base, pro and extreme versions and offers industrial strengths. It can operate in tough environments including electrical noice, large temperature spans and vibration. It communicates with all the different types of controllers holding the data you need.

Connecting legacy OT equipment to IT systems

Machines where automation products are integrated into are often used for 15-20 years and the technology that was used has improved greatly since. This white paper describes how our BoX2 IIoT gateways allow older, perfectly fine, industrial equipment to share its data with IT systems and prolong the lifecycle.


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