The iX EPC BOX is higher performance processor of Fanless BOX PC to support the heavy loading operation HMI applications. The EPC BOX supports working in wide range temperature and also guarantee wide range power supply voltage, the platform has rich features and I/O design including multi Ethernet, serial ports, USB…etc. to fulfill each kind of industrial application.

The iX EPC BOX has VGA and HDMI, DVI interfaces; it can implement Monitor, USB touch monitor for multi-display environments.
There are miniCard and SIM card slot which are extendable for WiFi and 3G for outdoor applications.

The system supports 8CH/32CH Digital I/O, making it easier to program I/O point directly.

The iX EPC BOX offers two type platform based on Celeron and i7 Core and also keeps flexibility to customize the system configurations by project base.