• All Graphic series TN , STN & FSTN available

  • Backlight: EL, LED & CCFL available

  • Negative voltage and temperature compensation can be build-in

  • Transparent touch panel

Display Char * Line
Module Dimension
(WxHxD mm)
Viewing Area
(WxH mm)
Character Size
(WxH mm)
128x64 LGF12861-IM30 N/A 87.0x71.0x13.0 62.5x43.5 0.40x0.56
LGF12861-I63C-CNE T6963C 87.0x71.0x13.0 62.5x43.5 0.40x0.56
128x128 LGF12815-IM30 N/A 88.0x88.0x13.3 69.0x69.0 0.46x0.46
LGF12815-I63C-CNE T6963C 88.0x88.0x13.3 69.0x69.0 0.46x0.46
160x160 LGF1601F-I835 RA8835P3N 74.5x70.5x10.0 58.0x58.0 0.3x0.3
LGF1601F-I836 RA8835AP3N 74.5x70.5x10.0 58.0x58.0 0.3x0.3
240x64 LGF24061-I63C-CNE T6963C 180.0x75.0x12.1 132.0x39.0 0.49x0.49
LGF24062-I63C-CNE T6963C 180.0x65.0x12.1 132.0x39.0 0.49x0.49
LGF24063-I63C-CNE T6963C 154.0x57.0x12.3 112.0x31.5 0.42x0.42
240x128 LGF24011-I63C T6963C 144.0x104.0x12.8 114.0x64.0 0.40x0.40
LGF24011-I836 RA8835AP3N 144.0x104.0x12.8 114.0x64.0 0.40x0.40
256x64 LGF25662-IM33 N/A 178.0x69.0x11.4 139.1x38.1 0.48x0.48
320x240 LGF32022-I835 RA8835P3N 148.0x120.0x23.1 120.0x92.0 0.33x0.33
LGF32022-I836 RA8835AP3N 148.0x120.0x23.1 120.0x92.0 0.33x0.33
LGF32028-I835 RA8835P3N 173.0x109.0x14.0 122.0x92.0 0.345x0.345
LGF32028-I836 RA8835AP3N 173.0x109.0x14.0 122.0x92.0 0.345x0.345
LGF32028-IM33 N/A 173.0x109.0x14.0 122.0x92.0 0.345x0.345