• All character series TN & STN available

  • Backlight: EL & LED  available

  • Negative voltage and temperature compensation can be build-in 


Display Char * Line
Module Dimension
(WxHxD mm)
Viewing Area
(WxH mm)
Character Size
(WxH mm)
8x2 LCF0821 ST7066U 58.0x32.0x10.6 35.0x15.0 2.945x4.845
12x2 LCF1224 ST7066U 55.7x32.0x10.6 46.7x17.5 2.65x4.90
16x1 LCF1614 ST7066U 122.2x33.2x11.3 99.0x13.0 4.84x8.56
16x2 LCF1622-CST ST7066U 84.0x44.0x11.3 60.0x16.0 2.95x4.90
LCF1625-CST ST7066U 85.0x36.0x10.9 63.5x15.8 2.95x4.90
LCF1626-CST ST7066U 122.0x44.0x11.3 99.0x24.0 4.84x8.06
LCF162B-C3V ST7066U 74.0x24.5x6.0 60.0x11.5 2.95x3.8
LCF162B-C5V ST7066U 81.0x24.0x5.5 60.0x11.5 2.95x3.8
LCF162R-CST ST7066U 80.0x36.0x10.6 64.5x13.8 2.95x3.80
16x4 LCF1641-CST ST7066U 87.0x60.0x11.0 61.8x25.2 2.95x4.20
20x1 LCF2015-CST ST7066U 180.0x40.0x12.8 149.0x23.0 6.00x12.78
20x2 LCF2025-CST ST7066U 180.0x40.0x12.8 149.0x23.0 6.00x8.54
LCF2126-CST ST7066U 116.0x37.0x15.6 83.0x18.6 3.20x4.90
LCF212B-C3V ST7066U 89.0x24.0x6.0 75.0x15.0 2.95x4.5
LCF212B-C5V ST7066U 89.0x24.0x5.3 75.0x15.0 2.95x4.5
20x4 LCF2041-CST ST7066U 98.8x60.2x11.3 76.0x25.5 2.95x4.20
LCF2045-CST ST7066U 77.0x47.0x11.8 58.6x21.1 2.29x3.56
LCF2046-CST ST7066U 191.0x86.0x13.3 143.0x57.0 5.66x8.61
24x2 LCF2421-CST ST7066U 118.0x36.0x11.3 93.5x15.8 3.20x4.90
LCF2425-CST ST7066U 208.0x40.0x12.6 178.0x23.0 6.00x8.47
40x2 LCF4027-CST ST7066U 182.0x33.6x11.2 152.2x16.5 3.20x4.90
40x4 LCF4041-CST ST7066U 190.0x54.0x14.6 147.0x29.5 2.78x4.34
LCF4042 ST7066U 280.0x88.0x12.9 244.0x68.0 5.20x12.74
LCF4043 ST7066U 215.0X60.0X12.8 160.0X34.0 4.85X3.20